Nothing will be the Same (2020)

Photography, Conversatioon

‘Nothing will be the same’ is a project that was born during the COVID-19 pandemic confinement. In order to fight negative emotions and keep a healthy energy flow, photographers Alex Blanco and Linda Zhengová started a visual conversation on the website, which is specifically dedicated to the visual expression during the period of confinement. Living in the same city, but without an opportunity to meet, Alex and Linda were pushed into the circumstances where they both produced images within the realms of each other’s homes. Since the beginning, both photographers felt that their images ‘clicked’ and created more than just an inspirational exchange, but gave birth to a real narrative. When the story gained strength and the quarantine measures in the Netherlands (the country of residence of both photographers) loosened up, Alex and Linda added to their plot images from the outside world and archival photos that resemble memories and incomprehensible dreams that both authors had during the dark times of self-isolation.

The project now became a publication in a format of a zine. The decision to create a zine that will tell the story came out of an urge to share the traumatic experience with others and with this exposure, face phobias and look into the eyes of the future that became meaningless and uncertain. ‘Nothing will be the same’ is a design collaboration with the artistic duo Zoopark (Tatyana Palyga and Alexander Bondar) that works with photography, video and zine & book media.

‘Nothing will be the same’ publication can be purchased here.

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