Roger Ballen (GUP Magazine)

Marta Zgierska (EEP Berlin)

Ken Light (GUP Magazine)

Diana Markosian (GUP Magazine)

Lorenzo Castore (Discarded Magazine)

Valeria Cherchi (GUP Magazine)

Renée Jacobs (Discarded Magazine)

Xu Guanyu (GUP Magazine)

Aaron Schuman (GUP Magazine)

Hideka Tonomura (Discarded Magazine)

On Photobook Making: An Interview with Myrto Steirou from VOID (Discarded Magazine)

Damian Heinisch (GUP Magazine)

Camillo Pasquarelli (GUP Magazine)

Marco Marzocchi (Discarded Magazine)

Loic Seguin (Discarded Magazine)

Debmalya Ray Choudhuri (Discarded Magazine)

Mafalda Rakoš (GUP Magazine)

Diego Moreno (GUP Magazine)

Anna Ehrenstein (GUP Magazine)

Jean-Francois Lepage (GUP Magazine)

Cemre Yeşil Gönenli (GUP Magazine)

Book Reviews (GUP Magazine)


Fingerprint by Jim Goldberg

Tengo un Dragón dentro del Corazón by Carlota Guerrero

The Second Seeing by Ryu Ika

Dream Moons by Yurian Quintanas Nobel

Primal Sight edited by Efrem Zelony-Mindell

Erna Helena Ania by Tomasz Laczny

Transa: Ballads of the Last Sun by Angela Berlinde

Knit Club by Carolyn Drake

New Queer Photography edited by Benjamin Wolbergs

Ilmatar by Momo Okabe

Fissura by Gui Christ

Heaven is a Prison by Mark McKnight

Imagining Everyday Lives: Engagements with Vernacular Photography

Turistica by Carlo Rusca

Ruins by Josef Koudelka

Ukrzaliznytsia by Julie Poly

Aya by Arguiñe Escandón and Yann Gross

HOAX by Agnieszka Sejud

Odsłonić by Maria Dabrowski

African Cosmologies by Various Artists

Watering my Horse by Xiaoxiao Xu

New Skin by Mayumi Hosokura

Centralia by Poulomi Basu

Some Kind of Heavenly Fire by Maria Lax

n e w f l e s h  edited by Efrem Zelony-Mindell

Print Publications


GUP #69 (2021), interview with Laura Hospes and highlight article of Pacifico Silano’s monograph, X Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

GUP Magazine #68 (2021), interview with Antoine D’Agata, X Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Today is my Birthday (2021, upcoming), Photobook, photographs by Vasilis Nikolopoulos, self-published in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – including an essay

GUP Magazine #67 (2020), interview with Diana Markosian, X Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Vidi, Vici (2020), Photobook, photographs by Vinny Vlemmix, self-published in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – including a preface and an interview with the artist

GUP Magazine #66 (2020), interview with Leonard Suryajaya, X Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

GUP Magazine #65 (2020), interview with Viktor Naumovski, X Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In the Trousers of my Father (2018), Photobook, Photographs by Peter Pflügler self-published in The Hague, Netherlands – including an essay Photographs as the Mirror of the Memory and the Oscillation between the Past and Present



Swarm Mag (2022), Family Business, KULISHEK

Pornceptual (2022), Bond

Der Greif (2022), Bond (Guest Room: Selection by Holly Roussell)

Eiii Zine (2021), On Motherhood, Femininity and Female Friendships

Bildersturm (2021), Catharsis

British Journal of Photography (2021), Ten photobooks by emerging photographers to take note of, article by Hannah Abel-Hirsch and Marigold Warner, Catharsis

Mirrored Society (2021), Interview with Julian Lucas

Der Greif (2021), Catharsis (Guest Room: Michael Mack and Sohrab Hura’s Selection)

Fotonoviny (2021), The Ambiguity of Visual Representations of Trauma & Catharsis, Book Review by Kvet Nguyen, Issue 55 (print)

Der Greif (2021), KULISHEK (Guest Room: Lucy Pike’s Selection)

PH Museum (2021), Catharsis (Featured Story)

Tique (2021), The Ambiguity of Visual Representations of Trauma

Kajet Journal (2021), essay Photography: A Facilitator of a Czech Queer Utopia?, featuring series Showering with Glasses

Fresh Eyes (2020), text by Patrycja Rozwora, Catharsis

Discarded Magazine (2020), interview with Santolo Felaco, Catharsis

Artibooks (2020), interview with Alex Blanco and Linda Zhengová, Nothing will be the Same

Interview with Ester Kneidlová (2020), Catharsis

KABK (2020), Catharsis

Discarded Magazine (2020), Catharsis

Stayathome.photography (2020), Nothing will be the Same



2019 – Korzo Theater, Den Haag (NL) – Up & Coming Choreographers, Produced by Nederlands Dans Theater and Korzo Theater

2015  – Pilsner House, Brussels (BE) – Fairytales



2022 – Ukrainian Fundraising Expo, Pexpo, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2022 – The Body, Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2021 – Survival Open Call Exhibition, Ctypemag Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2020 – GUP New Exhibition and Book Launch, Kahmann Gallery, project Showering with Glasses (2018), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2020 – Fresh Eyes Fair, Gashouder Westergas, project Catharsis (2019-2020), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2020 – Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL) – Graduation Show, project Catharsis (2019-2020)

2020 – Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad (SRB) –World
Biennial of Student Photography, project Showering with Glasses (2018)

2019 – Helena van Doeverenplantsoen, Den Haag (NL) – Forgetful Number

2018 – Kulturni Centar LAB, Novi Sad (SRB) – Forgetful Number

2014 – Labe Tour (CZ) – Museum of the City of Ústí nad Labe and Jesuit Church, Litoměřice



2022 – Athens Photo Festival (GR), July

2022 – Helsinki Photo Festival (FI), 7 July – 2 October

2021 – OFF Bratislava (SK), 5-19 November

2021 – Fotobok Festival, Oslo (NO) – Representation and Beyond, Fotogalleriet / 19-22 August (temporary exhibition)

2021 – Charta Festival, Rome (IT) – presentation of Yogurt Magazine, 17-25 July

Print Publications

Časopis Foto (2022), Promluvy Ticha 43, OMFF

XXX (2022), Discarded Magazine, Bond

Source (2021), Issue 106, review of Catharsis

Ones to Watch (2021), British Journal of Photography, review of Catharsis

MOJO Flavour (2021), Yogurt Magazine, featured image from the project Nothing will be the Same, Rome, Italy

Catharsis (2021), Photobook, self-published in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

GUP New (2021), an annual publication featuring the best 100 emerging photography talents based in the Netherlands, X Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Nothing will be the Same (2020), Zine, self-published in collaboration with Zoopark Publishing in Berlin, Germany

Fresh Eyes (2020), Photobook, an annual publication featuring the best 100 emerging photography talents from Europe, X Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Ambiguity of Visual Representations of Trauma: An Interpretational Analysis of Imagery Made by Joel Meyerowitz, Kazuma Obara, Roger Ballen, and Marta Zgierska (2019), Bachelor’s thesis, Academic Publication, The Hague, Netherlands

A Resistance of Normality Through Imagery: Queer Aesthetics and Contemporary Queer Photography (2019), Master’s Thesis, Academic Publication, Leiden, The Netherlands.

Art Prizes & Nominations

Kassel Dummy Award 22 shortlist (Catharsis)

ctypemag Survival Open Call Shortlist (Catharsis)

2021 Young Portfolio shortlist, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts

De Zilveren Camera shortlist for Storytelling Prize of 2020 (Nothing will be the Same)

GUP New Talent 2021 (Showering with Glasses)

Fresh Eyes Talent 2020 (Catharsis)

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