November 2021 — Ongoing
Art Direction, Production & Managing Editor
Originally making a first appearance in 2005, GUP Magazine is one of the longest continuously published photography magazine in The Netherlands. Guide to Unique Photography, as the full title reveals, is a platform for both emerging as well as already established photographers. In the late 2021, together with graphic designer Lukasz Gula, we were commissioned to re-brand the magazine in a more exclusive, diverse, and playful direction.
  • Print issue: 200 pages, 200 x 260 mm
May 2023 — September 2024
Jury, Art Direction & Production 
Fresh Eyes is not just a publication; it is a celebration of the ever-evolving art of photography. Five years ago, this annual was born, and with each passing edition, it has grown in prominence and influence. This year’s curated selection of talents goes beyond, showcasing an extraordinary range of diversity that transcends borders. What initially began with a focus on European talents has now expanded to encompass the works emerging from Asia and America.
  • Softcover
  • 390 pages Catalogue
April 2022 — October 2023
Art Direction, Production & Editorial Contributions
‘The Collection’ is a 370 page publication including exclusive interviews with legendary photographers, ambassadors of the Leica™ Camera, they are intertwined with their rich photography portfolios. Available in 5 different dust jackets book features: Alain Laboile, Danielle Kwaaitaal, Liao Yibai, Jock Sturges, Hengki Koentjoro, Martin H.M. Schreiber, Ralph Gibson, Sandro Miller and Terry Rodgers.
  • Hardcover
  • 210 x 297 mm
  • Incorporates original illustrations
  • Variety of 5 different dust jackets
April 2023 — September 2023
Art Direction, Production & Editorial Contributions

In his debut book ‘Grot’, Jonny Kaye captures the gimps, pro-dommes and fetishists who make up his treasured community. ‘Grot’ can be understood as something unpleasant, dirty, or of poor quality. The same-named debut monograph by Jonny Kaye provides a unique insight into the UK kink and fetish scene. Between the years 2020-2023, he compiled over twelve thousand analogue images to document the private community.

In the mainstream imagination, kink is often linked to the shock factor, the extreme forms of eroticism, chains, latex and leather. While all these do show up to a certain extent in Jonny Kaye’s work, his aim has always been documenting people’s true essence.

  • Hardcover
  • 204 x 254 mm, 272 pages
  • Edition 1/500
October 2022 — June 2023
Art Direction, Production & Editorial Contributions
In 2021, Discarded has launched a new section – XXX – dedicated to a new vision of contemporary erotic photography curated by me. XXX features a unique selection of photographs that present a novel vision of contemporary erotic photography. The issue presents 68 amazing artists from all around the world that challenge our perception when it comes to themes of sex, desire and erotica. XXX printed magazine hopes to provide you with an intensive and liberating aesthetic experience regardless of where you are located.
  • Softcover
  • 230 x 300 mm, 120 pages
March 2024
Art Direction, Photography

Oppium Paris is a brand created by a self-taught artist, hand-designed and manufactured. The brand encapsulates the universe of powerful women, full of progressive and creative innovative force, which fuels their inner flame. Sharing the love of the curvatures of the female form and inspired by the design of fine lingerie and harnesses, the pieces adhere to any silhouette, therefore each piece is unique and made to measure.

Editorial Coaching

As an experienced editor of GUP and Discarded Magazine and my own photobooks, I provide editorial coaching to photographers who seek advice in sequencing when it comes to their projects and upcoming books. These sessions are done either in the form of a one-time portfolio review or multi-session coaching until the book/project is finished.


Are you looking for a jury for a photography competition/festival? I have experience with numerous judging processes across various genres and categories. Previously, I was on the jury for BSPF 2024, Gomma Grant 2022 & 2023, Fresh Eyes 2022 & 2023, Photolucida Critical Mass 2023, Chromatic Awards 2023, Discarded Magazine XXX 1 & 2.


I have academic knowledge of media and photography theory and I am often contributing to magazines and artists’ books. In my texts, I always strive for a personalized approach to one’s work or the final product, being able to produce a wide variety of texts when it comes to their form and tone. If you are seeking for a text for your publication, website, exhibition, or anything art-related, please feel free to reach out!


Apart from my personal projects, I am also available for commissioned work, being the great equilibrium of my style and the client’s wishes. I have over a ten-years of background working with fashion brands, the film industry, theatres, and beauty salons.


Interested in a print of my work? Send me an email to request a catalog! I offer small edition prints on archival quality papers.


Patta, Leica, What’s Culture, More Than Goals, Nederlands Dance Theater, Oppium Paris, Hanzelova Atelier, and Korzo, among others.


Let’s make something beautiful together!