SHAME (2018)

Photography, Microscope

The center of attention, too many eyes, loud whispers.

How does your body react when you feel ashamed?

I have always been wondering how other people experience shame as I usually feel the heat coming to my face and a cold sweat forming on my nose and back. I also perceive the time differently, as if everything gets slower… I wish to disappear… This moment alters me, and I am turning into a liquid that hopes to evaporate.

What is the time?

Who is that?

Who is that right there?

Why is everyone looking at me?

Is he talking about me?

I shouldn’t exist right now.

It is a nightmare.

I destroyed everything.

I should be ashamed.

Shame is a trance, shame is a cramped state, shame is a temporary inner seizure that makes me continuously question my presence and the flow of time.

Although often hidden, shame is a feeling that we all experience… some people experience it more and some people less, and perhaps in different intensities.

S H A M E is a photographic series about vulnerability and its exposure. Shame for me is something to dissect, to deconstruct, to dig deep into… And therefore, the combination of portraits with microscopic images is a mirror of shame – a reflection upon this feeling of despair. There is an encounter between us and the image because we are not used to seeing ourselves from such a detailed and close perspective. I see shame, not as a weakness but rather something real and human… its vulnerability connects us all…

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