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1989. China. Czechoslovakia. One meeting place – Moscow.

Kulishek is a project that attempts to reflect on the chaotic era that my parents had to go through – the Communist regime, Czech-Chinese cultural differences, long-distance relationship, and unexpected pregnancy… But there was one thing that made it all worth it – their love.

There were moments when my parents thought they would never see each other again. Their letters represented hope for a better future and a vision of being together.

After I was born my dad could stay only a few days in order to be present during the birth then he had to travel back to Moscow to finish his studies. The future was very blurred and unstable…

“The long-distance relationship works only when there is a strong future vision of living together. Twenty-three years have passed, and we still live separately… And now the emotional connection is disappearing more and more…”

“If we could, then we would plan everything differently … If it was possible, then I would change it. Unfortunately, I cannot make time go back.”

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