∞ (2017)


 ∞ is about continuity and fractions of time in different places. In this project, I have worked with numerous women from various cultural backgrounds in their home. This choice allowed me to explore women’s intimacy and vulnerability in the space they are comfortable in. I have decided to shoot only women because it was a mutual process of trust, intimacy, and exposure which for me would be difficult to create with men with whom I always keep distance and face the difficulty of creating a vulnerable moment. I made this work to illustrate the fluidity of time regardless of knowledge about the women, time and the place where the images were taken. To describe my role as a photographer, I was more an observer, than a director. The importance of this work is about a personal understanding of the impossibility to stop the time, especially in the extremely fast society we currently live in. For us, there is a constant need to go on and not to look back, however, sometimes there is a need to track the traces of our past, to understand the present and direct us towards our future.

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