DESIRE (2019)

Why do we always want more? Do we deserve more? Desire is something that we all feel, and it seems that desire has become even more important in a capitalist culture where obsession of having objects never ends. We constantly buy stuff in order to feel satisfied and fulfilled but that feeling does not come, so we tend to buy more and more.

This cycle never ends.

Desire is also about sexuality, about desiring and longing for someone and owning them. Often when we obtain our desired person, we become disappointed and start searching for someone else. Why? Because desire is never satisfied. It always continues.

Direction and camera: Linda Zhengová

Choreography and dance: Andrea Šimková

Editing and camera: Anton Romanovski

Remix: Robin Gütl

Camera Assistance: Tomisin Akinwole

On Set Assistance: Lukáš Svoboda, Nina Skoršepová, Elia Anna Sophia

Special thanks to: Annelieke Plugge and Jennifer Bendsneijder
Special thanks to: Jong Korzo and Korzo

Music: Remix from I Hate Models – Walpurgis Night